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VIVUS – it’s impossible not to start with Vivus, a company that has one of the most interesting offers among popular payday loans. As part of the first loan for free, you can get up to PLN 3,000, which is one of the higher amounts available as part of the popular minute offer for PLN 0 . The repayment period is traditional 30 days, although it is worth following the offer of Vivusa, because from time to time the company introduces a promotion for new customers, under which the first free loan can be taken even for 60 days .

EXTRAPORTFEL – a company whose offer is distinguished not so much by the amount of the first loan offered, as for the repayment period. 45 days – this may be the repayment period for the first loan for PLN 0. The first loan for free can reach up to PLN 2,000, the maximum loan amount that can be used by new customers. It is worth mentioning that Extraportfel belongs to some of the companies that thanks to the Instantor application allow you to obtain a minute without the need to perform a verification transfer.


New Companies Offering Free Payday Loans


New Companies Offering Free Payday Loans


ALEGOTÓWKA – this brand is a novelty on the payday market. It can therefore interest people who often use promotional payday and look for a company in which they have not yet borrowed for a second time. Here, as part of the first loan, you will be able to reach a maximum of PLN 2,000, with a repayment period of 30 days as traditional for a short-term payment. The offer should be interesting mainly for those who have been looking for a loan for 18 years with a fast repayment period.

MILOAN – another of the companies in which the first loan is available for free. Miloan is also a completely fresh name on the domestic loan market, in which you will find popular payday loans. The first minute for free is a maximum of PLN 1500 with a 30-day loan repayment period. In contrast to the previously described company, you will have to have completed a little more years to get a break in Miloan. 22 years is the minimum to get a loan through Miloan.

WANDOO – another of the new names on the payday market in Poland. The company has to offer the first free payment of up to PLN 1,500 with a maximum repayment period of 30 days. The main condition for getting a payday with the help of Wandoo is over 20 years and the lack of debts visible from the online debtors’ database.

CREDILO – and the latest in the payday market is the Credilo brand. The first free loan can amount to PLN 1,600 and can be used by those who are already 22 years old. In terms of repayment, I will not surprise you, because you will have no more than 30 days to repay your payday.


Even 6000 PLN As Part Of The First Minute For Free


Even 6000 PLN As Part Of The First Minute For Free


QUICK CASH – it is impossible to hide that as of today, this company has to offer the highest possible limit of available loans. 6,000 zlotys, even that can be obtained by people who first apply for a loan through Quick Cash. This is really a high amount for a one-off time, so I guess you need to have adequate creditworthiness to get it.

NETCREDIT – undoubtedly one of the oldest companies providing payday services in Poland. Which is present, like several other companies presented here, for several years on the loan market. The first loan for free at Netcredit is PLN 2,000, and new clients of the company can take advantage of this loan limit.

VIA SMS – Like Netcredit, Via SMS is a veteran of payday companies. The company belongs to the first group that gave short messages before the e-clicks began to gain popularity. As part of the first free minute you can get from Via SMS up to PLN 1500 with a 30-day loan repayment. This is another of the few companies where the moment is available for 18 years.

KASA EXPRESS – a brand that should also be known to the majority and through which we also get the first hour free of charge up to PLN 1,500. It is one of the few companies that allow obtaining a loan without BIK , i.e. without verification through the Credit Information Bureau.


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