In some companies, it is possible to get a minute without having to transfer a penny from your bank account. has details

A friend asked me recently, as he knew that I was sitting on the subject of broadly understood non-bank loans, including short-term loans – is it possible to obtain such a loan but without sending 1 zloty from a bank account? After a moment of reflection, I answered him – sure, I know such offers! Today I decided to share with you these offers.

What, in principle, is it necessary to transfer verification fees to obtain a payday? It is not only about the money itself, but more about verifying the account holder’s details with the data we provided in the loan application. These data must be in agreement with each other, it is enough that the number of the flat or house will be different and the loan application may be rejected by the company that grants the payment.

Thus, the transfer of a penny is mainly aimed at verifying data, so that the loan will be granted to the person who applied for it.

Where can you get a break without spending a penny?

Where can you get a break without spending a penny?

One of the first companies to introduce such an option was the Crediter company responsible for such loan brands as Eicredit, Nemoney and CashMo. It launched a special application called Conncet Account which enables remote connection with our bank account in order to verify the data of its holder. Of course, in order for this whole process to be possible, we must have access to our bank account via the Internet. The next required factor will also be providing the access data to the account so that the application can connect to it. The whole process, as the application authors emphasize, is completely safe.

What kind of pennies we get in the above companies without transferring a penny? CashMo is mainly targeted at people looking for loans with a longer repayment period of up to 12 months. The maximum amount of loans available is up to PLN 10,000. Eicredit and Nemoney are short-term offers, as part of the first offer we can get up to PLN 3,000, in the case of Nemoney, up to PLN 1,800. Both payday loans are granted for a period of 30 days with the possibility of extending the repayment date.

One more offer of spending money without wasting a cent is also Zengga. Here, at the very start, we get a fairly solid loan amount because at the first loan it can be up to PLN 1,500. On the plus side, however, deserves the fact that the first loan can be borrowed for PLN 10 with a 60-day repayment period.