For an upcoming renovation, the financing of a trip or the repayment of a disposition credit, an 8000 Euro loan is ideal. Even a good used car or a small new car can be financed with this loan amount. An installment loan is provided by this amount by many lenders. A credit comparison can therefore be profitable for consumers. Further illustration at

House bank – 8000 Euro credit on

House bank - 8000 Euro credit on

In the case of a loan, many consumers still have their own house bank as their first point of contact. These banks are often Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken or Sparkassen. A loan can be requested directly at the branch. However, a consultation appointment must be made in advance for this loan. For this consultation, which usually takes place only after a few days, the bank customer must bring only a valid ID.

All other credit-worthy data needed for the credit check has been stored by the clerk in his computer. Also, the house bank always gets a private credit information for a loan. This information should contain only positive features with a loan amount of 8000 euros. If the private credit information contains negative characteristics, the applicant must offer credit collateral to his bank. If there are no personal or physical security, an 8000 Euro loan at the house bank is often refused.

Apply at competing branch bank

Apply at competing branch bank

Of course, consumers can freely choose their lender in Germany. The loan offer of the house bank does not always have to be the cheapest. It is therefore also advantageous if the credit offer of the house bank is compared with offers from competing branch banks. If you want to apply for an 8000 Euro loan on this way, you must not have any deadlines. As with the house bank, a consultation appointment must also be agreed with competing branch banks.

For the appointment with the bank, the applicant must bring the last two or three salary statements and a valid ID. Often the banks also require the submission of current bank statements. After the credit check and obtaining the private credit information, the clerk decides whether a loan is eligible or not. As with the house bank, every other bank can be offered various collateral.

Credit Portal – easy credit comparison

Credit Portal - easy credit comparison

Consumers who do not have the time to compare the various bank lending offers simply turn to a lending portal on the Internet. On credit portals, consumers receive important information about installment, instant or car loans. For a credit comparison, the portals offer so-called loan calculator. If you want to borrow 8,000 euros, you enter the net loan amount, the term and a purpose in this loan calculator.

Immediately many different loan offers from online and direct banks are displayed, which correspond to the area code. The loan offers are listed in tabular form and contain information such as the bank name, product details, loan installment, borrowing rate and the annual percentage rate of charge. With this information, you can easily find the best loan offer.

Once the consumer has opted for a loan offer, the loan application for a € 8000 loan can be made immediately on the bank’s website. A loan should only be requested for online and direct banks with a very good credit rating.

With worse credit requirements – credit marketplaces

With worse credit requirements - credit marketplaces

Not every consumer can meet the credit requirements of branch, online or direct banks. These consumers can be helped by a loan from a credit marketplace. On a credit marketplace, personal loans are granted, financed by private investors and selected financial institutions. In Germany, Creditend and Astrofinance are the best-known providers of this type. At Astrofinance, applicants are given loans of between € 1,000 and € 25,000.

At Creditend even up to 50,000 euros are available. On both portals a private credit information is obtained. This information may not contain any hard neagtiv characteristics. Hard negative features include, for example, arrest warrants, affidavits or judicial dunning procedures. Consumers who are in private insolvency proceedings are also not served with credit on credit marketplaces.

Registered applicants can apply for their € 8000 credit online. After successful financing, the loan agreement will be drafted by a bank. This is necessary for legal reasons. The loan will be transferred to the given current account after a short time.

8000 euros credit – via credit agencies

8000 euros credit - via credit agencies

With poorer credit requirements and serious credit agencies continue to help. Serious loan brokerages include companies like Maxda or Bon Kredit. Through cooperation with various banks in Germany and abroad, credit agencies can offer numerous loan options. Although these lenders also offer debt-free loans, a € 8000 loan is only available with a private credit statement.

With slight negative features in the private credit a second applicant can be offered to a credit intermediary. This increases the chances of getting a loan. In the case of a commitment, the creditworthiness is also increased, which in turn can have a positive effect on the loan conditions. Almost without exception, loans are placed online with credit agencies. As the credits of credit agencies can be relatively expensive, consumers should pay a lot of attention.

A loan from a credit intermediary should not incur any costs prior to a loan commitment. Insurance or savings contracts offered for the loans should not be finalized. These additional contracts have nothing to do with a loan.

Find the best loan offer – Credit comparison

Find the best loan offer - Credit comparison

Loans with a loan amount of 8000 euros are offered by many banks, credit marketplaces or credit agencies. The cheapest loan offers are currently provided by the online and direct banks. Borrowers with a poor credit rating often have to resort to loan offers from credit agencies or credit marketplaces. These loans are always a bit more expensive. A credit comparison is definitely recommended for a € 8000 loan.


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